Starship Troopers 1997

Set in the future, the story follows a young soldier named Johnny Rico and his exploits in the Mobile Infantry. Rico's military career progresses from recruit to non-commissioned officer and finally to officer against the backdrop of an interstellar war between mankind and an arachnoid species known as "the Bugs".

Super Troopers 2001

Five bored, occasionally high and always ineffective Vermont state troopers must prove their worth to the governor or lose their jobs. After stumbling on a drug ring, they plan to make a bust, but a rival police force is out to steal the glory.

Super Troopers 2 2018

When an international border dispute arises between the U.S. and Canada, the Super Troopers- Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit and Farva, are called in to set up a new Highway Patrol station in the disputed area.

Starship Troopers: Invasion 2012

A distant Federation outpost Fort Casey comes under attack by bugs. The team on the fast attack ship Alesia is assigned to help the Starship John A. Warden stationed in Fort Casey evacuate along with the survivors and bring military intelligence safely back to Earth. Carl Jenkins, now ministry of Paranormal Warfare, takes the starship on a clandestine mission before its rendezvous with the Alesia and goes missing in the nebula. Now, the battle-hardened troopers are charged with a rescue mission that may lead to a much more sinister consequence than they ever could have imagined....

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder 2008

The war against the Bugs continues! A Federation Starship crash-lands on the distant Alien planet OM-1, stranding beloved leader Sky Marshal Anoke and several others, including comely but tough pilot Lola Beck. It's up to Colonel/General Johnny Rico, reluctant hero of the original Bug Invasion on Planet P, to lead a team of Troopers on a daring rescue mission.

Zone Troopers 1985

American soldiers, led by The Sarge, are stuck behind Nazi enemy lines. As they make their way across the Italian countryside, they come across an alien spaceship that has crash-landed in the woods. The alien pilot is dead, but one of the ship's passengers is on the loose. As the GIs hunt down the alien by splitting into smaller groups, they're not only tracked by the Nazis, but also a whole host of other aliens come to save their stranded party.

Starship Troopers

Young military recruits train to fight a war on a bug-infested alien planet.

Troopers Three 1930

Eddie Haskins, a wisecracking young man, teams up with two ham-acrobats known as 'Bugs & Sunny', and ,when they are all kicked out of a vaudeville theater in California, they enlist in the U. S. Cavalry. Eddie falls in love with Dorothy Clark, the daughter of a sergeant and, following a moonlight tryst, they are discovered by Sergeant Hank Darby who himself is in love with Dorothy. They have a fist-fight in which Eddie comes out second best. When Darby is reprimanded for fighting with an enlisted man, the troopers incorrectly think that Eddie squealed on him, and they punish him with a conspiracy of silence. Dorothy also rejects him. Eddie has a problem. Maybe a fire will break out in the stables and he can rescue Sergeant Darby.

Time Troopers 1985

After a nuclear war, what is left of society creates a special police force to ensure that it doesn't happen again. However, things don't go exactly as planned.

Starship Troopers 1988

Mysterious monstrous alien creatures attack Earth's colonies. This OVA focuses on Juan "Johnnie" Rico who joins the army because of Carmen, a girl he likes, his days in boot camps, his losses and Earth's first counterattack.

Dorm Troopers

A film crew follows around Roman Bickerstaff, a college RA who lives, eats and breathes the job. Chaos ensues when the school has decided to make cutbacks and Roman's job hangs in the balance.

Alien Armageddon 2011

For years, UFO sightings have been documented around the world. What were once mere sightings have now become brutal attacks of epic proportions. As the human race faces total annihilation with every major city destroyed only Los Angeles remains. Left with the task of saving humanity from extinction, a group of cowboys is the world s last stand in this Alien Armageddon.

Storm Troopers U.S.A. 1969

A rebellious chapter of the American Nazi Party storms a Miami hotel as part of a plan to destroy the city’s power plant and a Navy destroyer.

Star Wars: Episode III.VIII: Rise of the Troopers 2007

TK-221 and TK-212 head down to Coruscant to appear on the television show ONE 2 ONE with Skip Antilles. During the interview the troopers recall their first meeting and how they became the elite troopers for the Empire they are today.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Pailsen Files The Movie 2009

Set after the 1988 OVA movie Red Shoulder Document: Roots of Ambition and months before the events of the VOTOMS television series, Pailsen Files explores the origins of Chirico Cuvie as explained by the Red Shoulder Battalion's now-disgraced commander, Col Yoran Pailsen.

Alaska State Troopers 2009

Alaska State Troopers is an American documentary television series. The show primarily follows the daily beats of various bureaus within the Alaska State Troopers. In addition, the show features segments that follow village public safety officers from small rural villages as well as officers from other cities such as the Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, and Soldotna. The show follows the exploits of a number of officers from all regions of the state. Troopers who are seen on the show include: James and Anne Sears, Howie Peterson, Jon Simeon and Brent Johnson, Scott Quist, Odean Hall, Lonny Piscoya, Luis Nieves, Dan Dahl, Rick Roberts, Abraham Garcia, Dan Cox, Gabe Rich, Jonathan Stroebele, Joshua Varys, Daron Cooper, Lance Ewers, and Kamau Leigh. In 2011, a litter of Blue Heeler puppies were dropped off anonymously at a dog shelter in Kentucky. The two males were named "Trooper Dan Dahl" and "Trooper Howie Peterson", after the Troopers on the show. The female dogs were named after Troopers Aileen Witrosky, Amy Bowen and Anne Sears, who have all been featured on the show.

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