Martin 1978

Martin sedates women with a syringe full of narcotics and then slices their wrists with a razor blade so he can drink their blood. Martin, who comes to live with his uncle and cousin in the dying town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, has romantic monochrome visions of vampiric seductions and torch-lit mobs, but it is impossible to tell how seriously he takes them.

The Return of Martin Guerre 1982

During the medieval times, Martin Guerre returns to his hometown in the middle of France, after being away in the war since he was a child. Nobody recognise him, and the people who knew him suspect he is not Martin, but he knows all about his family and friends, even the most unusual things. Is this man really Martin Guerre?

Martin (Hache) 1997

An emotionally distant father attempts to reconnect with the son he abandoned. After his estranged son (Juan Diego Botto) tries to commit suicide, Argentine expat Martín (Federico Luppi) brings the troubled teen live with him in Spain. But though Martín tries to reach out to his son, he's unable to bond with anyone in his life -- including his much-younger girlfriend

Demetri Martin: The Overthinker 2018

With his signature one-liners and drawings, Demetri Martin muses on doughnut holes, dogs, sports bars, the alphabet's most aggressive letters and more.

Martin Lawrence Doin’ Time 2016

Comedy legend Martin Lawrence returns to the stand-up stage for a night of impressions and insight on everything from sex, relationships and President Obama, to Bill Cosby, Hollywood and more. Filmed live at LA's Orpheum Theatre.

Martin Eden 1914

A sad story about how a working-class man tries, and succeeds, to become a writer, but finds difficulty in fitting into that world.

Martín 1988

The young Martín reluctantly spends the hot summer in Madrid with his parents, porters for a farm in the center of the city where they live. One day Julia arrives, an actress who comes to spend a few days in the vacated apartment of a friend

Martin 2017

A lone detectorist on a beach in Norfolk uncovers much more than he prepared for.

Martin 1999

Directed by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz.

Our Friend, Martin 1999

What begins as a routine class project for a diverse group of sixth-graders turns into a magical, time-traveling adventure they'll never forget! Authentic historical footage of Martin Luther King Jr. is blended with colorful animation as the students learn about - and actually meet - the civil rights leader who challenged all Americans to turn his dream of freedom into reality. Produced in association with the King family, "Our Friend, Martin" features an unprecedented all-star voice cast and a hot hit soundtrack with music performed by top contemporary artists and classic Motown greats. It's a fun, new way for your family to share Dr. King's inspiring message of hope and courage that changed the course of our nation's history.

Martin & Orloff 2002

This is the story of a marketing man and his shrink. A suicide attempt and a softball game; A PHD-toting stripper and a deranged Desert Storm vet; A giant sparerib costume and the world's largest peenis; John Woo-style violence and Steel Magnolia-esque pathos. This is the story of Martin & Orloff.

Evil Laugh 1986

A group of medical students take a weekend to fix up an old house where a mass murder occurred 10 years earlier.

Demetri Martin. Person. 2007

A unique talent, Demetri Martin is one of the hottest stand-up comics working today. His new special, Demetri Martin. Person. Inventive and insightful, this top-rated program brings the funny in ways youÂ've never seen.

Martin Martin 2002

My name is Martin Martin. I have 9 years old, and my best friend is Gromo and is great fun. Every morning I go to school with my friend Gromo. Everything that they say to me in school is that I am an average child: the average student, average height, average intelligence .. Only about half. But guess what? Every morning when I wake up, things happen very little normal.Amazing things and even extraordinary! When I'm around, my friends never get bored.

Who Is the Real Martin Short? 2017

He’s a legend, a comic genius, and a national treasure… but who is the real Martin Short? This film goes straight to the source in an attempt to get to know the person behind the persona. It looks at the inspiration for some of Short’s favourite roles and uncovers the depth of his talent for observing, absorbing and developing idiosyncratic characters.

Martin 1992

Martin is an American sitcom produced by HBO Independent Productions that aired for five seasons, from August 27, 1992 to May 1, 1997 on Fox. The show is both titled after and stars actor-comedian Martin Lawrence along with supporting characters Tichina Arnold, Thomas Mikal Ford, Carl Anthony Payne II, and Tisha Campbell. Reflecting the rising popularity of the Fox network throughout the 1990s, Martin was one of the network's highest-rated shows during the sitcom's five-season run. In contrast to the popularity of NBC's "Must See TV" on Thursday nights in the 1990s, many African American and Latino viewers flocked to Fox's Thursday night line-up of Martin, Living Single, and New York Undercover. In fact, these were the three highest-rated series among black households for the 1996–1997 season.

Doc Martin 2004

Doc Martin is a British television comedy drama series starring Martin Clunes in the title role. It was created by Dominic Minghella after the character of Dr. Martin Bamford in the 2000 comedy film Saving Grace. The show is set in the fictional seaside village of Portwenn and filmed on location in the village of Port Isaac, Cornwall, England, with most interior scenes shot in a converted local barn. Five series aired between 2004 and 2011, together with a feature-length special that aired on Christmas Day 2006. Series 6 began airing on ITV on 2 September 2013.

Martin Morning 2003

Martin Morning is a French animation TV series of 78 13-minute episodes, created in 2002 by Denis Olivieri, Claude Prothée and Luc Vinciguerra, produced by Millimages in assiocation with Cartooneurs and associates.

Martin Mystery 2003

Martin Mystery is an Anime-influenced television series by the French animation studio, Marathon Media Group with the Japanese animation studio, Tatsunoko Production as an assistant animator, loosely based on the Italian comics Martin Mystère. Over the course of the show's 3 year run, the show was created, developed, written and animated in Tokyo, produced in Paris, and the English-Language voice acting took place in Toronto.

The Dean Martin Show 1965

The Dean Martin Show, also known as The Dean Martin Variety Show, is a TV variety-comedy series that ran from 1965 to 1974 for 264 episodes. It was broadcast by NBC and hosted by entertainer Dean Martin. The theme song to the series was his 1964 hit "Everybody Loves Somebody."

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts 1974

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts is a NBC television special show hosted by entertainer Dean Martin from 1974 to 1984. For a series of 54 specials and shows, Martin would periodically "roast" a celebrity. These roasts were patterned after the roasts held at the New York Friars' Club in New York City. The format would have the celebrity guest seated at a banquet table, and one by one the guest of honor was affectionately chided or insulted about his career by his fellow celebrity friends. In 1973, The Dean Martin Show was declining in popularity. The final season of his variety show would be retooled into one of celebrity roasts, requiring less of Martin's involvement. For the 1973–1974 season, a new feature called “Man of the Week Celebrity Roast" was added to try to pick up the ratings. The roasts seemed to be popular among television audiences and are often marketed in post-issues as part of the official Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and not The Dean Martin Show. After The Dean Martin Show was cancelled in 1974, NBC drew up a contract with Martin to do several specials and do more roast specials. Starting with Bob Hope in 1974, the roast was taped in California and turned out to be a hit, leading to many other roasts to follow.

Glenn Martin, DDS 2009

Glenn Martin, DDS is an American stop-motion-animated television series that premiered on Nick at Nite on August 17, 2009. The series was produced by Tornante Animation in association with Cuppa Coffee Studio. Glenn Martin, DDS was Nick at Nite's fourth original series. The show premiered on March 18, 2010 on Sky1 in the UK and Ireland. Season two premiered on June 11, 2010. The show ended on November 7th, 2011.

Martin Luther 2003

Martin Luther’s attack on the all-powerful Catholic Church was a knife to the heart of an empire that had endured for over a thousand years. Nailing his treatise to the doors of the Wittenberg Cathedral, this previously obscure German monk changed the world forever, unleashing forces that plunged Europe into war and chaos. But Luther would do more than revolutionize the Church, he offered the Christian world a new vision of man’s relationship with God and, in turn, redefined man’s relationship with authority in general.

Important Things with Demetri Martin 2009

Important Things with Demetri Martin is a sketch-variety show that aired on Comedy Central starring comedian Demetri Martin. Each episode examined a single theme, the "important thing", such as timing, power, control and money. All sketches, short vignettes, animated segments and stand-up comedy were loosely related to the theme of the episode. The show was produced by Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions, and contains stand-up, prop comedy and musical comedy by Martin, as well as taped sketches. Jon Stewart took an active role in editing the first few episodes.

Martin Chuzzlewit 1994

Martin Chuzzlewit is a 1994 TV mini series produced by the BBC. It is based on the novel by Charles Dickens, with a screenplay by David Lodge and directed by Pedr James. The music was composed by Geoffrey Burgon. It starred Paul Scofield as Old Martin Chuzzlewitt and Anthony Chuzzlewitt & Ben Walden as Young Martin Chuzzlewit. John Mills as Old Chuffey, Tom Wilkinson as Seth Pecksniff, Pete Postlethwaite as Montague Tigg, Philip Franks as Tom Pinch, Joan Sims as Betsy Prigg, Nicholas Smith as Mr. Spottletoe, Sam Kelly as Mr. Mould, Elizabeth Spriggs as Sairy Gamp and Julia Sawalha as Mercy Pecksniff.

Microscopic Milton 1997

Microscopic Milton in a British series of short animated films. Created and written by Tony Garth, they were first broadcast on CBBC between 1997 and 1999. Microscopic Milton was a tiny kid who lived in a clock on the mantelpiece in a house owned by Mrs. Witherspoon, who was unaware of Milton's existence. Milton was befriended by Mrs. Witherspoon's large, shaggy dog, Douglas. Each episode ran five minutes, and 26 episodes were produced. The narrative was provided by sitcom star Brian Wilde though airings in America were narrated by Kristen Johnston.

Martin Clunes: Islands Of America 2019

From space, the US appears to be an immense single land mass hemmed between the planet's two greatest oceans. Look a little closer, however, and you notice something else. All around its coastline floats a gauntlet of countless islands.

Doktor Martin 2007

Doktor Martin is a German television comedy drama series produced by production company Phoenix Film for the German television channel ZDF. The first series was broadcast in July 2007, the second in July 2009. The series is an adaptation of the British television series Doc Martin, which is broadcast on the British television channel ITV.

Unscrewed with Martin Sargent 2003

Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was a late night American television show focusing on the comedy of technology. It was produced at TechTV and aired from May 26, 2003 to December 2004. The show was set as a traditional late night talk show, including a couch for guests to sit during interviews, with subject matter including unusual guests scooped up from the Internet, Sargent's reported binge drinking adventures, and pornography.

Hos Martin 2004

Hos Martin is a Norwegian situation comedy that premiered on TV2 on January 6, 2004.

Bob Martin 2000

Bob Martin is a British situation comedy. Its concept bears significant resemblance to The Larry Sanders Show. Michael Barrymore is its principal actor. It was made by Granada for the ITV network from 2 April 2000 to 4 June 2001.

Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir is an hour-long weekday U.S. and world political commentary program on MSNBC. The program airs live at 4:00 p.m. ET and is hosted by Martin Bashir. The show premiered on February 28, 2011 moving MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts to 11:00 a.m. ET. The show airs from a small customized studio that is actually part of Studio 3A, the primary MSNBC newsroom and studio at 30 Rock.

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