Digimon Frontier - Revival of the Ancient Digimon 2002

After prompted to do so by unusual phone messages, the five main characters go to a subway station and take a train to the Digital World. Once there, they meet two secondary characters, Bokomon and Neemon, who act as guides, and tell the DigiDestined that the Digital World is in danger. They must fight the antagonist, Cherubimon and his Legendary Warrior servants before they succeed in dominating the world; it's up to the children to save it.

Digimon: Island of the Lost Digimon 2002

Takuya Kanbara, Koji Minamoto, J.P. Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto, Tommy Himi, Bokomon, Neemon ride a Trailmon (Ball) through a desert when they get caught in a battle between human and beast Digimon. It is interrupted by the Lost Island, an island trapped between dimensions, crashing down between them and scooping all involved up.

Digimon Frontier

5 children receive strange messages on their cell phones that lead them to a train that takes them to the "Digital World"; a strange world filled with bizzare creatures called "Digimon". These children have been sent there to stop an evil Digimon named Cherubimon from completely annihilating the planet of all its inhabitants. In order to accomplish this, the 5 children must locate their "spirits", which will evolve them into the Legendary Warrior Digimon. Unfortunately for them Cherubimon has ordered his servants to stop the kids from finishing the mission; eventually the children will have to fight Cherubimon's forces in order to save the planet.

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