Kak Limah's Ghost 2018

Kak Limah is discovered dead by villager. Since then, her ghost has been spotted around Kampung Pisang, making the villagers feel restless. Enter Encik Solihin, who tries to help by shooing her ghost away from the village. Husin, Encik Solihin and other villagers trying to overcome this problem. However, the tragedy behind Kak Limah's death has yet to be unveiled.

Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah 2010

Husin has been working in Singapore for some time and decides to return to his hometown, Banana Village. Upon returning, he feels that his neighbour Mak Limah is strange as she does not speak nor sleep. He then tells patrons at Pak Munawer's coffee shop that Mak Limah might be a ghost. Pak Abu decides they should investigate further but when they go to her house, she is already a rotting corpse! However, things get more interesting when the village is haunted by a strange occurrences, despite the burial of Mak Limah.

Hantu Kak Limah

Kak Limah is discovered dead by villagers. Since then, her ghost has been spotted around Kampung Pisang,making the villagers feel restless.

Hantu Kak Limah 2: Husin, Mon Dan Jin Pakai Toncit 2013

After the events of "Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah", Husin returns to his village in order to deal with his money problems - which he has none of! In the village, Husin reunites with the usual patrons of Pak Jabit's stall and everything seems to be as normal as it could be. However, what Husin doesn't realise is that there is a new breed of evil returning after more than a century of slumber to claim the village's long standing debt and Husin too of course!

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