Stan Lee's Superhumans 2010

Stan Lee's Superhumans is a television series that debuted August 5, 2010 on History. It is hosted by comic book superhero creator Stan Lee and follows contortionist Daniel Browning Smith, "the most flexible man in the world", as he searches the globe for real-life superhumans – people with extraordinary physical or mental abilities. Many of the segments are fraudulenty manipulated and these appear side by side with other segments that are valid. For example, one segment shows a person applying an electric drill to their body[ after it is used to drill a hole in wood], except the direction of rotation of the drill is fraudulently reversed in the process.

The Real Superhumans

The Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future Fantastic is a two hour long special from the Discovery Channel which aired in 2007. It follows four people with what are described as "real life superhuman abilities", a geneticist who created the first chimera of two very different species of rodents, and a scientist on a mission to become immortal. The show was done in a comic book format ending with the common slogan "To be continued" as to indicate that the people of the show and humanity itself is just beginning to venture into a new age, one where genetic manipulation and other technologies to obtain special abilities will be for sale to the general public.