Victims 1979

Psychological drama examining a mental breakdown of an English housewife.

Victims 2013

Lindsay and Spencer are a typical young couple, but their lives are changed forever after a violent home invasion. Now Lindsay finds herself a prisoner in her own home as her husband tortures the men responsible.

Victims 1982

Paulie is falling to pieces. His every encounter with the opposite sex ends in violence, while stirring up memories of his prostitute mother and her brutal pimp and the sexually abusive hooker who molested him as a child.

Victims 2011

When a local journalist arrives on a council estate to present a disabled, have-a-go hero with a Bravery Award, she inadvertently uncovers a tragic secret.

Victims 2011

A camera rolls as the balaclavas are pulled securely over their faces. The van doors burst open and a man is bundled inside. They drive.... Why has this man been kidnapped? Where are they taking him? Who is the victim?

Fashion Victims 2007

At 52, traveling salesman Wolfgang Zenker (Edgar Selge) is in old school territory: he peddles the company's classic clothing line to boutiques that cater to women over 35. When Wolfi loses his drivers license in his brand-new Mercedes but can't afford to lose the season's sales because his frustrated wife (Franziska Walser) desperately wants a new bathroom, their son's vacation plans take a back seat as Karsten (Florian Bartholomäi) is forced to making sales rounds with his father instead of celebrating his high school graduation in Spain. Also making the rounds in small town southern Germany is successful and attractive sales rival Steven Brookmüller (Roman Knizka), 33. As the men's paths cross, long-hidden secrets are revealed and things come to a hilarious head.

Innocent Victims 1996

Army Sergeant Tim Hennis is wrongly convicted of killing the wife and children of an Air Force captain. Based on a true story.

War Victims 1983

A women in prison movie set in a Japanese POW camp during World War 2.

The Victims 1985

Irakal is a 1985 Malayalam psychological thriller film written and directed by K. G. George and produced by the then prominent actor Sukumaran. The film is an in-depth exploration of the psychology of violence. Ganesh Kumar plays the film's protagonist. The film met with critical acclaim upon release, though not commercially successful. It received several accolades including the state awards of that year. A ruthless rubber baron, Mathukutty, disregards the prevailing moral standards and spawns criminal sons as well as a sexually wayward daughter, Annie. His son, Baby is a psychotic strangler using a nylon wire and is eventually shot dead by his repentant father.

RV: Resurrected Victims 2017

Based on the Resurrected Victims Phenomenon where murder victims come back to life to avenge the murderer, a prosecutor is suspected of his mother’s murder.

Perfect Victims 1988

A psycho who has contracted AIDS blames women for his disease, and begins to stalk and kill beautiful girls.

Lethal Victims 1987

When a man dodges conviction after raping multiple women, his victims take justice into their own hands. The gritty revenge drama stars Oscar winner Martin Landau as Judge Shaw and Frank Stallone as Walter Taggert. Director Raphael Nussbaum's film is also known by the equally explicit titles Death Blow: A Cry for Justice and I Will Dance on Your Grave: Lethal Victims.

Precious Victims 1993

Paula and Robert Sims are desperate: their 12 days old baby has been kidnapped! Since there's no trace of the kidnappers, they address the public for help. Shortly after their daughter is found dead. When the same happens three years later to their second daughter, Sheriff Yocom becomes suspicious.

Victims of Sin 1951

In México City, a Cuban dancer from "Cabaret Changó" rescues a baby from a garbage can and decides to raise him, but her pachuco pimp gets in her way.

Manson's Missing Victims 2008

It is almost universally believed by those who were involved with, or who have studied, the Manson murders that there are far more victims still out there. This documentary looks for some of their graves.

Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story 1984

Before stalking was a well-known crime in North America, there was Theresa Saldana's story. A drifter from the U.K., Arthur Jackson, flies to the U.S. to seek Saldana out. His twisted mission: Jackson planned to murder Saldana, then request the death sentence for himself so he "could join her in paradise". The psychopathic Jackson confronts Saldana on the street in front of her home, and stabs her violently several times. No one comes to Theresa's aid except water deliveryman Jeff Fenn, who overpowers Jackson and gets the knife away from him. Jackson is arrested & charged with attempted murder...and Theresa Saldana tells her story of terror and survival as herself in this TV movie.

A Vault of Victims 2014

Three wickedly sexy tales in this terrifying anthology that are sure to make your blood curdle while fulfilling your deepest fantasies. In Sweet Mirror: A timid girl finds an escape from her sexual repression in a mysterious old mirror. Her new confidence allows her to confront her inner demons. In Terror the Bear: An evil teddy bear plots the demise of a group of self-absorbed students. In Hidden Camera: Steve's secret recordings are found by his girlfriend Lyndsey and her plan for revenge is death. Horrifying, deadly and dangerous consequences abound behind this Vault of Victims.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999

In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

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