Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story 2015

A group of student film makers are creating "Project Marble Hornets" when the production is interrupted by a series of paranormal events in this tense and shocking horror.

The Face of Marble 1946

John Carradine stars as Dr. Charles Randolph, a scientist dedicated to deciphering the secrets of life and death. Aided by assistant David Cochran (Robert Shayne), Charles conducts experiments that have horrifying side effects. Charles's lonely wife, Elaine (Claudia Drake), is frightened by his work, and in order to protect her, housekeeper Maria (Rosa Rey) unleashes a torrent of voodoo that wrecks havoc.

Marble Hornets 2009

When a film student decides to look through the tapes of a canceled project his friend Alex had directed, and he had participated in, he discovers that his friends have been stalked by a paranormal entity known as the Operator and decides to get himself involved.

The Pink Marble Egg 2013

JK was a successful singer, writer and music producer many, many years ago. As a Cambridge undergraduate he was also recruited into one of Britain's biggest and most secret services. In 2013 he is asked to go back and find a killer who is planning to destroy parts of the establishment. Under cover for the BBC he travels Europe and North Africa, searching for the assassin whilst filming a travel series. There are murders, dramas, exotic locations and delicious food as he meets a variety of characters and gets into situations during this comedy of catastrophe.

The Black Marble 1980

When alcoholic homicide investigator Valnikov is transferred to a burglary case that seems to involve a creepy dogcatcher, he's also given a new partner -- the pragmatic Sgt. Natalie Zimmerman, who's experiencing a midlife crisis and does not welcome Valnikov's company. But as these emotionally bruised cops are drawn deeper into the bizarre world of dog shows, animal fanatics and pet cemeteries, they're also drawn to each other.

Celluloid and Marble 1966

Celluloid and Marble is based on Rohmer's own articles published in "Cahiers du cinéma", discussing film in relation to the other arts, maintaining that, in an age of cultural self-consciousness, cinema was “the last refuge of poetry” - the only contemporary art form from which metaphor could still spring naturally and spontaneously.

The Marble Heart 1913

Outside the door of the home of a sculptor and his mother, fell a poor, friendless young girl. They took the girl in and cared for her, and as time went on the mother began to regard her as her daughter. The son regarded the affectionate advances of the girl with only brotherly love. But there came a time when the misgivings of the son changed, for he began to pay scant attentions to a young beauty he met at a reception and who was characterized as a woman with a heart "cold as marble." This piqued the beauty, who was accustomed to abject adulation. She determined to bring him to her feet and in this she succeeded. She offered to pose for him, and, spurred on by such a splendid model and her praises, he produced a figure which was acclaimed by all the critics as a masterpiece.

Marble Ass 1995

A transvestite couple from 1990s Belgrade beholds their profession as a pacifistic mission, curbing the urges of rapists, gamblers and horny young men during turbulent periods in war-torn country.

Living Marble 1910

Four gentlemen are talking in a beer-garden; during a short absence of one of them, who pretends to be an art lover, the others decide to make a prank on him. When he comes back, one them invites the "square" bourgeois to his home, pretexting to show him an art catalog. The men pay their drinks and leave, but the three friends convene later, and they have paid a young female model to be there, too.

Drops on Marble 2003

"This video is dedicated to Peterhof, the suburb of St. Petersburg where I used to live"

The Glass Marble 1963

Different animals play with a marble in this whimsical story from Hermína Týrlová, ‘the mother of Czech animation’

Tokyo Marble Chocolate 2007

Chizuru loves Yuudai; Yuudai loves Chizuru. Yet neither of them can say it clearly because each is uncertain about the other’s feelings and is afraid of being hurt. Trapped by their insecurities in a relationship that’s going nowhere, they drift further and further apart. While Chizuru thinks this is the end of the road, Yuudai struggles desperately to overcome his cowardly nature before he loses what is most important to him. There are two stories to every relationship, but can love survive if they don’t meet halfway?

Man of Marble 1977

Man of Marble is a Polish film about a student making a film about a bricklayer who was once idolized. She interviews people who knew him and finds old footage that lead to an unfolding mystery that causes her producer to cancel the project.

Young Marble Giants: Live At the Hurrah 2004

Recorded at Hurrah over two shows in 1980. Tracklist: 1. NITA 2. Choci Loni 3. Radio Silents 4. Colossal Youth 5. Credit in the Straight World 6. Brand New Life 7. Include Me Out 8. Wurlitzer Jukebox 9. Salad Days 10. Final Mix 11. Music for Evenings 12. Searching for Mr Right 13. Cakewalking 14. Credits in the Straight World 15. Final Day

Breathing into Marble 2018

Based on a Lithuanian writer’s novel “Breathing into Marble” the film focuses on the challenges of a modern family. It is a romantic ballad with the plot of a thriller. Izabele and Liudas – itellectuals living in a homestead near a big city and raising the son, Gailius, who has a case of epilepsy and is smarter than most children his age. Izabele convinces her husband to adopt a six-year-old boy who is unable to put down roots in this new family and always fights for mother’s attention. Director Giedrė Beinoriūtė speaks about relationships, invisible bonds connecting our lives and responsibility for each other.

Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang 2013

Zip and Zap, two mischievous twins, were placed in the Esperanza, a school where the games are prohibited. There will found the Club of Marble, child resistance to challenge the authority of adults. Thanks to her intelligence, her courage and her unwavering faith in friendship, Zip and Zap and the rest of the club will discover a mysterious secret that is hidden in the school and live the most exciting adventure of their lives.

Names in Marble 2002

Based on an acclaimed 1935 novel about the War of Liberation (1918-1920) that ensured Estonia's independence, the film tells about a group of young schoolboys heading to the front to fight the army of Soviet Russia.

The Magnificent Marble Machine 1975

The Magnificent Marble Machine is an American television game show based on the arcade game of pinball. The show ran on NBC from July 7, 1975 to March 12, 1976, but was interrupted for two weeks in January due to scheduling changes on the network and aired repeats from March 15 to June 11. It aired in both half-hour slots between Noon and 1:00 PM, Eastern. Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley packaged this program, with Robert Noah as executive producer. Art James served as host, and Johnny Gilbert was the announcer.

Big Blue Marble

Big Blue Marble was a half-hour children's television series that ran from 1974 to 1983 on numerous syndicated and PBS TV stations. Distinctive content included stories about children around the world and a pen-pal club that encouraged intercultural communication. The name of the show referred to the appearance of Earth as a giant marble, popularized by a famous photograph of the same name taken in December 1972 by the crew of Apollo 17. Each episode featured a segment about the real life of a boy and a girl, one American, the other foreign. The show also had occasional stories about world ecology. In addition there was a weekly segment in which a singing globe "Bluey" invited viewers to write letters to the show, often requests for pen pals. The address to send the letters was in Santa Barbara, California. The character was voiced by executive producer Robert Weimer. Production personnel included creators Ken Snyder, Henry Fownes, and Robert Garrison, and later executive producer Robert Weimer, producer Rick Berman, writers Lynn Rogoff and directors Joe Napolitano, Joseph Consentino, Tom Hurwitz, John McDonald, J.J. Linsalata, Pat Saunders, and Ira Wohl. Robert Saidenberg was supervising producer, Peter Hammer supervising film editor and Dale Glickman post-production supervisor of the series late in its run. Paul Baillergeon composed much of the series' music. Weimer often rewarded staff members with the opportunity to pitch story ideas and direct segments of the series. As a result, many got their first chance to work in that capacity. Some children featured on the show who went on to high-profile careers are: Tisha Campbell, Fran Jolie and Kevin Clash. Before they were well-known, actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Reno were featured in dramatic segments serialized in the series.

Marblehead Manor 1987

Marblehead Manor is an American television sitcom that originally ran from 1987 to 1988 in first run syndication. It stars British comic actor Paxton Whitehead, American actor Phil Morris, Canadian actress Linda Thorson, American actor and screenwriter Bob Fraser and Michael Richards. The series was a Dames-Fraser Production in association with Paramount Television.

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