I Need That Record 2008

Guerilla filmmaker Brendan Toller unleashes I NEED THAT RECORD! THE DEATH (OR POSSIBLE SURVIVAL) OF THE INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE, "an elegy for a vanishing subculture...a lively, bittersweet film that examines - with caustic humor, brutal candor, and, ultimately, great affection - why roughly 3,000 indie record stores have closed across the nation over the past decade," (Johnathan Perry, Boston Globe). A tour-de-force tale of greed, media consolidation, homogenized radio, big box stores, downloading, and technological shifts in the music industry told through candid interviews, crestfallen record store owners, startling statistics, and eye-popping animation. Fat cats or our favorite record stores? You decide. Featuring- IAN MACKAYE, NOAM CHOMSKY, MIKE WATT, THURSTON MOORE, LENNY KAYE (Patti Smith), CHRIS FRANTZ (Talking Heads), GLENN BRANCA, PATTERSON HOOD (Drive By Truckers), PAT CARNEY (Black Keys) , LEGS MCNEIL, BOB GRUEN, BP HELIUM, and many indie record stores across the U.S.

En Uyir Nee Thaane 1998

En Uyir Nee Thaane is about a rich industrialst who raises his father's illegitimate son after the death of its mother. Prabhu is a rich industrialst who raises his father's illegitimate son after the death of its mother. His Father opposes this. Prabhu leaves home to live alone with the child.Devayani witnesses a murder and testifies against the murderer. He is convicted. The murderer's brother rapes Devayani in revenge and Devayani is kicked out of her house by her brother. She goes to her friend's house, but even there she is kicked out.Prabhu comes to her rescue....

That's all We Need 1971

The gang unknowingly steal the tools of a demolition gang in order to build themselves a headquarters, which the foreman accidentally destroys when he drops a lighted cigarette into a box of dynamite.

Neethikku Thandanai 1987

A 1987 Indian Tamil film, directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar and produced by S. S. Neelakantan and Shoba Chandrasekhar.

Ek Deewaana Tha 2017

Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of Sharanya who wakes up from a coma after a period of two years. Her recovery comes at the cost of her suffering from amnesia because of which she is unable to recall her relationship with Vyom, the man she was going to marry. Sharanya and Vyom rediscover their love for each other and decide to get married. However, their marriage faces obstacles at each step. As they battle through these barriers they discover that these are not random acts but the acts of a ghost a ghost who Sharanya recognizes to be that of Shiv. Will Sharanya and Vyom conquer this supernatural force or is there something more?

Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori?

Ti Psuxi Tha Paradoseis Mori? is a Greek black comedy series created by Alexandros Rigas and Dimitris Apostolou which aired on Mega Channel on 2000 and lasted only 6 episodes. The series focuses on the lives of four women who want to take revenge from the man who sexually abused them when they were little girls. Despite the fact that Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori? draw extremely high ratings from its beginning, the shootings were abruplty interrupted during the production of the 7th episode, which was never completed, leading to the series cancellation.

Ek Safar Aisa Kabhi Socha Na Tha

Ek Safar Aisa Kabhi Socha Na Tha was a Hindi-language television series on Indian general entertainment channel, Sony TV. It premiered on February 9, 2009 aired every Monday through Thursday at 9:30pm IST. The series was produced by Rashmi Sharma of Sunrise Telefilms, and the story is written by Virendra Shahaney.

Dupur Thakurpo 2017

When Jibon Babu brings home a vivacious wife, Uma, inappropriate things start happening as she becomes the fantasy and obsession of the other young tenants in the house.

That '70s Show 1998

Crank up the 8-track and flash back to a time when platform shoes and puka shells were all the rage in this hilarious retro-sitcom. For Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Donna and Fez, a group of high school teens who spend most of their time hanging out in Eric’s basement, life in the ‘70s isn’t always so groovy. But between trying to figure out the meaning of life, avoiding their parents, and dealing with out-of-control hormones, they’ve learned one thing for sure: they’ll always get by with a little help from their friends.

All That 1994

All That is an American live-action, sketch comedy-variety show that aired on the Nickelodeon cable television network featuring short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests. The theme song for All That was performed by TLC featuring Aileen Quinn. Early episodes were taped at the closed Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Orlando, but then moved to Hollywood at the Nickelodeon On Sunset theater, where shows like The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, and Drake & Josh were also filmed. All That first aired on April 16, 1994, as a "sneak peek" and debuted as a regular series on December 24, 1994. It was also broadcast internationally, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Spain and Canada. All That lasted ten seasons before it was canceled in 2005. The final episode aired on October 22, 2005 on the Nickelodeon network. The show started out in the SNICK block until 2004, when the network converted the SNICK time-slot into a second night for TEENick. In fact, the second era castmembers would host SNICK as the "On Air Dare" would be played between shows during commercial breaks.

That Girl 1966

That Girl is an American sitcom that ran on ABC from 1966 to 1971. It stars Marlo Thomas as the title character Ann Marie, an aspiring actress, who moves from her hometown of Brewster, New York to try to make it big in New York City. Ann has to take a number of offbeat "temp" jobs to support herself in between her various auditions and bit parts. Ted Bessell played her boyfriend Donald Hollinger, a writer for Newsview Magazine; Lew Parker and Rosemary DeCamp played Lew Marie and Helen Marie, her concerned parents. Bernie Kopell, Ruth Buzzi and Reva Rose played Ann and Donald's friends. That Girl was developed by writers Bill Persky and Sam Denoff, who had served as head writers on The Dick Van Dyke Show earlier in the 1960s.

Drag Race Thailand 2018

Art Arya hosts the Thai version of the hit TV show "RuPaul’s Drag Race" alongside Pangina Heals as her co-host.

Wanna bet, that..? 1981

Wetten, dass..? was a long-running German-language entertainment television show. It is the most successful Saturday television show in Europe. Its format was the basis for the British show You Bet! and the American show Wanna Bet?. The shows were broadcast live six to seven times a year from different cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There have also been seven open-air summer shows, broadcast from Amphitheatre Xanten, Plaça de Toros de Palma de Mallorca, Disneyland Paris, Waldbühne Berlin, and Aspendos Roman Theatre. Each of the shows, which were shown without commercial interruption, were usually scheduled to last for about two hours, but it was not uncommon for a show to run as much as 45 minutes longer.

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2006

That Mitchell and Webb Look is a British television sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Shown on BBC Two since 2006, its first two series were directed by David Kerr, who also directed Mitchell and Webb's previous television sketch show The Mitchell and Webb Situation, whereas series 3 and 4 are directed by Ben Gosling Fuller. As well as Mitchell and Webb themselves, the writers include Jesse Armstrong, James Bachman, Sam Bain, Mark Evans, Olivia Colman, Toby Davies, Chris Pell, Jonathan Dryden Taylor, Joel Morris, Jason Hazeley, Simon Kane, John Finnemore and others. It is produced by Gareth Edwards. Colman, Bachman, and Evans were also members of the cast alongside Abigail Burdess, Gus Brown, Sarah Hadland and Paterson Joseph. Many of its characters and sketches are first featured in the duo's radio show That Mitchell and Webb Sound. First aired on 14 September 2006, a second series was commissioned later that same year and shown between 21 February 2008 and 27 March 2008. The third series began on 11 June 2009. Since series two, the production has also been broadcast on BBC HD. The first series won a BAFTA award in 2007. The third series started airing on BBC America on 14 April 2010. The fourth series premiered on BBC Two and BBC HD on 13 July 2010 with a total of 6 episodes commissioned by the BBC. In a November 2011 interview, Webb stated that there are "no plans, sadly, for another series of sketches" continuing to say that "you'd have to ask the BBC" about further series.

Less than Perfect 2002

Claude Casey moved up in the secretarial world of television news, from temp to the anchor's desk. After her boss hires her full time, Claude realizes she may be in over her head in this world of assistants fighting to get ahead. But Claude is determined to prove that though she may not be perfect, she's not going down without a fight.

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