Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! 2008

Inspired by the incredible true story of Lucky Singh, an extremely charismatic and fearless confident man and thief who socialized with the rich, famous and influential of Delhi society and then proceeded to rob them blind. He was the bête noire of the police and had stolen millions by the time he was caught.

Hey Arnold! 1996

The daily life of Arnold--a fourth-grader with a wild imagination, street smarts and a head shaped like a football.

Premios Oye!

Premios Oye! are presented annually by the Academia Nacional de la Música en México for outstanding achievements in the Mexican record industry. The awards ceremony features performances by important national and international artists like Robbie Williams, Sarah Brightman, Shakira, Juanes, Paul McCartney and Lily Allen among others. The awards were established in 2002 by the ANAMUSA in order to reward composers, artists, record companies and every person who is involved in the music industry. This recognizes the very best of musical production without counting the position where the artists charted in the Mexican Albums Chart. The equivalent of Premios Oye! to the United States's Grammy Awards. It is telecast by Televisa in Mexico through its Canal de las Estrellas and on Univision in the USA.

Oye! It's Friday! 2008

Oye! It's Friday! was an Indian variety talk show on NDTV Imagine hosted by Farhan Akhtar. It featured a new celebrity every week. The show was made up of special performances by dancers and singers, jokes and light-hearted comedy.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar 2016

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a 2016 Pakistani online comedy film by djuice Pakistan, directed and written by Harris Rasheed and produced by Syed Zaheer Uddin and Emad Ishaq Khan. It is the first Pakistani online film. The film was released on Youtube on 3 December 2016.

Eyewitness 2014

Two 15 year old boys secretly meet up in the forest, only to witness a blood bath. They are seen, but escape trying to keep this as a secret, both in fear of the perpetrator and that their secret is revealed.

The Third Eye 2014

A police detective is trying to locate his missing daughter, while solving other cases.